Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards Testimony On Capitol Hill…

Today, while testifying before Capitol Hill, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards admitted the following under oath:

  1. Richards testified that despite being a non-profit who, in their words, seek to care for women, Planned Parenthood paid her over half a million dollars in salary last year.
  1. Richards testified that exactly NONE of the 600+ Planned Parenthood clinics performs, or is able to perform mammograms, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood, its supporters, Cecile Richards herself, and many, many more have claimed on the record that it did.  The best they can do is refer a woman to a clinic that can provide that service.
  1. Richards testified that she had “never heard of [a] circumstance” where children were born alive after a botched abortion, even though at least two abortion survivors had given their testimony before that very same committee, and Planned Parenthood officials had previously testified under oath that in that situation, their policy was to let the child die. (Let’s also note that despite the blatant and illogical lie, she did manage to distract from answering the actual question, which was whether children who survived failed abortion attempts, would be given medical attention and care.)
  1. Richards testified that Planned Parenthood had made over 127 million dollars in excess revenue, which, to most people, would sound a lot like profit. (I realize that not-for-profit doesn’t mean you never make money but can’t we at least agree that the 86 million they receive from US tax dollars could be cut given the large “excess revenue” they made?)
  1. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Richards testified that 86% of their business comes from performing abortions. This is significant because Planned Parenthood has repeatedly claimed in the media that abortion makes up only 3% of their business. (Pantalones en fuego…I don’t speak Spanish and I would imagine that’s not actually how you’re supposed to write that.)  The point is that Planned Parenthood is NOT a women’s health clinic, as they claim to be, given that they can’t even perform mammograms, one of the most standard women’s health procedure, and in fact get the VAST MAJORITY of their business from killing unborn (and apparently, sometimes, live-born) children.  Defund these murderous liars now!

*The bullet points were borrowed from the Matt Walsh blog and given in a (hopefully) less incendiary way.


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