Questions For Gay Couples Seeking The Redefinition of Marriage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, the hotly debated topic of so-called gay marriage has been popping up in every newsfeed, tweet, Facebook timeline, and news story at an alarming rate. Now for the sake of time I’ll simply say a couple of introductory remarks, then onto the list. First, as followers of Christ we are commanded to love everyone. That may sound cliché. It may sound like a bumper sticker, but it’s true. We are all sinners in need of grace and the sin of homosexuality is no different than any other sin in so far as it separates us from God just as much as hatred, stealing, or envy. Yes there are greater consequences for some sins than others, but nonetheless, when we act like homosexuality is a greater sin than our own, we look like bigots and hypocrites all at the same time.

Second, and along the same lines, to disagree with something or someone is not the same as hatred. And saying you disagree is not the same as hate speech. I disagree with those who think ketchup is an acceptable condiment for a hotdog, but I don’t hate them. I just think they’re wrong. Neither does my opposition to so-called gay marriages mean I hate gay people. I simply do not agree with their choice of lifestyle, and I do not think their choice of lifestyle should co-opt thousands of years of history and culture.

Third, rather than go into a lengthy discussion of my personal position on sex and marriage, I will simply say that I take a traditional, evangelical stance on the subject. In other words, I believe marriage is defined as the lifelong covenant between one man and one woman, and that all sexual activity outside of that covenant is sin.

With all that in mind, here are five questions I have for gay couples seeking the redefinition of marriage. I’m sure there are other questions that will need to be answered, but here are five that I’ve never heard a gay marriage proponent answer.

  1. What does marriage provide that your current lifestyle does not?
  2. Why does this need to go to SCOTUS? Or, why can’t we leave this decision to the individual states?
  3. If you’re in favor of redefining marriage, then what is the standard by which it is redefined? Put another way, to whom or what would you appeal if I wanted to marry my car?
  4. Every culture in history has defined marriage as the bond between a man and a woman. What makes you think you know better or are wiser than all of humanity up until this point?
  5. Biologically speaking, a man and a woman are required for reproduction. How can you argue you’re NOT going against nature?

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